Biosense Sync – Integrated Glucose Monitoring Strips 100’s


The Biosense Sync glucometer strips have been designed for rapid estimation of blood glucose levels.

The performance of this accurately designed test strip has been shown to be comparable to other invasive laboratory tests.

This strip can record blood glucose levels from as low as 20 mg/dL to up to 700 mg/dL requiring only a drop of finger-prick blood.

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Product Details:-

This portable glucometer strip has been designed to not only work on finger-prick blood but also on the venous blood sample drawn, provided tested within 10 minutes of collection.

This strip which works on the electrochemical principle has a shelf life of 3 months and is recommended to be used for in vitro diagnosis only.

Designed to detect both severe hypoglycemia as well as hyperglycemia, the strip design bears compatibility with the SYNC glucometer, and both when used in conjunction accurately indicate the capillary blood glucose levels in about 5 sec.

These single-use glucose strips are also recommended to be used within 2 min of having taken out of the container and are not to be refrigerated or stored in any other packaging.

The aesthetic design of the glucometer ensures even when the strip is reused accidentally, an error message is notified for rectification.

The Biosense Glucometer Strips are to be used only with SYNC and come in convenient package sizes of 25, 50 and 100 strips.

How to use:- 

1. Remove a fresh test strip from the bottle and cap the container immediately.

2. Insert the strip into SYNC to power the glucometer ON to further perform the test.

3. Once powered up, the strip symbol in SYNC will glow and the blood drop symbol will continue to blink.

4. At this stage, the blood drop is to be added to the strip-till the point the capillary gets filled with the sample.

5. The meter will then highlight a countdown timer for 5 sec before the final result gets displayed.




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